Why Ban Valet Services

070220091791I wonder why ban valet services? This HDB car park is perpetually overcrowded. I imagine it is a win-win-win situation. Drivers are happy. Valet service providers get to earn a few bucks. Ultimately HDB also benefits from more income from collecting more car park charges. So I’m puzzled why HDB doesn’t welcome valet services, so long as the valet services don’t do anything unfair like reserving or hogging lots.

Interestingly, the sign at the entrance of this car park at Holland Village reads: Use of Valet Services is NOT allowed in HDB car park. It seems like using the valet services is disallowed. But it is okay to provide valet services. Of course, I guess HDB’s reasoning is to get rid of the demand, and where there is no demand, the supply will go away. However, I’d think if they are going to bother with any enforcement at all, then just go for the suppliers.

The car park at Holland Village is bad. It’s not impossible to get a lot of course, it’s just that you need lots of patience. If I have to go to Holland Village for lunch, I make sure I arrive before 12 noon. Forget about driving to Holland Village on Friday evenings. There were a few more car parks previously, but they’ve all given way to the MRT construction works.

Why does HDB disallow valet services? I imagine as long as everyone still has a fair chance of getting any available lots, the valet services seem like a value add.

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