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Zendure’s SuperTank Delivered

This odd box that look suspiciously like a rugged luggage is actually Zendure’s SuperTank, an extremely powerful and versatile portable power bank. Born out of a Kickstarter project, the power banks are starting to get delivered to backers right now.

The SuperTank, in a nutshell, is a high-capacity 27,000 mAh power bank with two USB Type-C Power Delivery ports and two USB Type-A ports. The first USB Type-C port can deliver up to 100 Watts of power, while the other Type-C port is capable of up to 60 Watts of power delivery. For the USB Type-A ports, one gets you 18 Watts of power while the other supports up to 15 Watts of power.

Most power banks that include any USB Type-C ports at all usually only have one of them. Zendures SuperTank has two, and both of them support USB Type-C Power Delivery. The first port supports up to 100 Watt of input and output, while the other delivers 60 Watt of output. The 60 Watt is already enough to charge the Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro at full speed. With two USB Type-C ports, the SuperTank can easily charge two notebooks at the same time, and more.

The SuperTank’s 27,000 mAh capacity is carefully calculated to work out to 99.9 Wh, which is just below the 100 Wh limit allowed by airlines on flights. This is the largest power bank you are allowed to bring on an aircraft. The SuperTank’s total power output is 138 Watt.

I’ve only had a few hours of testing so far with the SuperTank. I can only say “it works”. Windows 10 on my Lenovo Yoga 920 complains, when I plug in the SuperTank, that the connected USB device has malfunctioned, but it still gets charged nonetheless.

The battery level remaining is nicely displayed in percentage values in a segmented LED display. However, I’ve not yet finished a full discharge-charge calibration to be able to report meaningfully about my observed capacity. I’ll update in another full review post soon.

In the Kickstarter campaign, the SuperTank was offered from US$89 at the early bird reward level. The campaign also included SuperPort, which is a 4-port charger that has 2x USB Type-C with Power Delivery (one up to 100 Watt), and 2x USB Type-A ports.

The SuperTank ships with a well-built USB Type-C cable, and the reward includes case. The case is well made, but the SuperTank fits a little too snugly.

Delivery of the SuperTank was originally expected in May 2019. I received mine yesterday (early July 2019). The two months delay is perhaps not unexpected of Kickstarter projects. I’m surprised, however, that I can get it even before Zendure could provide me the shipping tracking number.

5 thoughts on “Zendure’s SuperTank Delivered

  1. Other SG backer here;. am also doing some testing on unit – have found the remaining charge display to be quite poorly calibrated – gets to 00 very fast but still with decent remaining capacity – would definitely like to see OP further testing result to see if similar issue.

    1. Yes, my last 1% managed to charge one phone from 90% to full, another phone from 51% to full, and a notebook from maybe around 95% to full and keep it going while I used it for half hour! Unbelievable. I’ve done a full charge from empty and my USB-C meter measured about 107 Wh topped up into the SuperTank!

      1. Yeh seems like they the team overengineered a bit as my testing does show a bit more capacity than the other 100Wh powerbank I have…

        you mentioned a USB-C meter – would you be able to share which one as something I could get for my kit? 🙂

  2. Hmm a little bitt pricey for testing that is mainly hobby.

    I noticed that charging the supertank – it doesn’t seem to always take max power possible; is that your experience as well and what your meter is showing?

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