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Bowl Counting At Wang Cafe

Wang Cafe at Changi Airport Terminal 1I feel it’s particularly important that service standards at Changi Airport must be exemplary. It is, after all, going to form the first impressions that visitors to Singapore will get. However, my standards aren’t particularly stringent. Just do some basic minimum is all I ask for. Unfortunately, sometimes the basic minimum might be too much to ask for.

Case in point. I returned from a family holiday recently and decided to dine at Wang Cafe for lunch. It’s located on the arrival level at Terminal 1. I needed two empty bowls for my kids to share. I asked nicely, but I was abruptly told that I was only allowed to have one extra bowl.

I wondered, for a moment, what I had just heard. I mean, it’s not like I had only ordered one bowl of noodles and expected to get two extra empty bowls. (Even then, honestly, I don’t see why it would be so difficult for them to accommodate such a request.) No, I had three meals in my order. Three bowls of noodles/laksa, plus drinks and some kaya butter toasts. Surely, it isn’t at all unreasonable to ask for two extra bowls?

I almost wanted to ask how much should I pay for an extra empty bowl, but decided I shall just share my annoyance somewhere else.

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