UOB Internet Banking Website Error


The “500 Internal Server Error” is a pretty common catch-all error message generated by many web server software. I’m sure everyone has seem something like it at some point or other, and we all come to accept it as a “okay”. But it is not okay for an internet banking website to sport such errors. Particularly if it happens repeatedly….

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Nokia N95 8GB Still An Excellent Phone

The N95 8GB was officially launched on 29 Aug 2007, just one day shy of 16 months ago. Many technology gadgets don’t last very long as they are quickly replaced by a better models in just a few months. Sometimes they are even obsoleted in just months. So it is quite unusual that, 16 months on, the Nokia N95 8GB…

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Baby Doesn’t Like Ronald McDonalds

I don’t know why, but Vanessa really doesn’t like Ronald McDonald. Several times we had a family outing to the McDonald’s outlet at King Albert Park, I try to put her on the lap of Ronald McDonald (the statue, that is). There are two statues there on the steps up to McDonald’s. She’ll cling on tightly to me, and refuses…

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1K Car Servicing at Kah Motor


One of the hassles of car ownership is having to get the car serviced at regular intervals. The 1km servicing for my new Honda Stream came up, and so I spent pretty much of my morning today at Kah Motor’s Leng Kee service centre. There are a bunch of other locations to choose from, but people seem to recommend going…

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Christmas Feasting

There are many things about Christmas. Feasting is one of them. I suppose it is an excuse to get together to feast on our favourite foods. Yes, it doesn’t have to be made up of turkey, honey baked ham and puddings. We can have our local version of Christmas dinner filled with roast suckling pig, roast pork belly, otah, popiah,…

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Downsized Christmas Tree

This year’s Christmas tree has been downsized. Not that it was intended as a reflection of the economic downturn. It’s actually a new tree though. The previous tree isn’t that old, but I guess the new tree is more “modern” and comes with lights. It’s also a lot easier to setup than the old one.

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Heater Still Needed In Hot Singapore


Yes, sometimes you still need a heater instead of cold air-conditioning even in the hot Singapore weather. Previously my Honda Civic had a heater mode. I would have thought that it would be quite useless in our local climate. But when my Altis did not come with a heater, I was surprised to find myself missing the feature. Yes, there…

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Inferior RikeCool Clarity from Kah Motor


Most people will try to negotiate some freebies with their new car purchase. One item that often gets packaged together is solar film installation. Solar films are designed to tint the glass and reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the car’s interior.¬†Given Singapore’s hot climate, this is a very practical add-on that is often sought after by many car…

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